Expo '92 / World's Fair - Seville, Spain

IBM Expo '92 Guest Services System

In 1996, the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) awarded to the IBM team the prestigious Alexander C. Williams Jr. Award for "outstanding contribution of human factors to the design of a major operational system".


  • Expo '92 Guest Services System (16:27, 93 Meg, Flash, "Modern Marvels" quality)
  • Technical Shorts (15:50, 70 Meg, Flash)...
    • Start=0:00 Kiosk Hardware - Interviews: Jeff Kelley, Joseph Kesselman
    • Start=2:47 Central Kiosk Control - Interviews: William Bennett
    • Start=5:16 User Interface - Interviews: Lauretta Jones, William Bennett, Charlie Wiecha, Sharon C. Greene
  • Trailer (2:00, 11 Meg, Flash) Narrator: Jeff Kelley, Producer: Lauretta Jones
All videos: © 1993, IBM Corporation

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