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Watch this space for a video of the event!
(In the meantime, here's the Top 10 List (pps, 1.6M) for your amusement.)

Venue: The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting
Date: Tuesday, 10/20/2009, 10:30-Noon,
In keeping with the slightly unorthodox nature of his 2008 Presidential Address, Jeff Kelley decided he was going to have to do something a "little different" for his 2009 President's Forum.
The HF/E Show was in late-night talk show format with interviews of special guests, Peter Hancock, Steven Casey, Tony Andre, and Michelle Robertson.
There was a monologue, a Top 10 List, commercial breaks, film clips, shameless book promotions, and music by "The HF/E Show Band" led by (well, consisting solely of) San Antonio keyboardist Lou Cabaza, a veteran of the Tonight Show Band.
Think www.hfestorycorps.org meets The Late Show.
Who says Human Factors and Ergonomics can't be Serious Fun??

The basic premise lies in the subtext of the event. The stories behind what we do -- and, more poignantly, why we do it -- have tremendous potential for outreach. Making it entertaining makes it engaging and encourages practitioners to open up about their hidden passions for their chosen calling. This, in turn engages the attention of the potential beneficiaries of our work (i.e., humans) who, recognizing the potential of HF/E for improving the quality of their lives, will bring concomitant pressure to bear on potential sponsors of our work.
Credits: (work in progress)
  • Sponsor: HFES Computer Systems Technical Group (Thanks to Joel Greenstein)
  • Sponsor: IBM Interactive (Thanks to Michael Heck and Jim Rudd)
  • Sponsor: SegCity Segway Tours, Rivercenter Mall
  • Host & Producer: Jeff Kelley, IBM Interactive
  • Music Director & Announcer: Lou Cabaza, Lou Cabaza Music
  • Guest: Peter Hancock, University of Central Florida
  • Guest: Steven M. Casey, Ergonomics Systems Design
  • Guest: Michelle Robertson, Liberty Mutual
  • Guest: Tony Andre, San Jose State & Interface Analysis Associates
  • HF/E Theme: Composed by Jeff Kelley and Arranged by Lou Cabaza
  • Associate Producer: Susan Spraragen, IBM Research
  • Media Director: Jeff Smith, IBM
  • Art Director: Kylie Pfeifer, Univ. of Idaho
  • Lighting: Michael Rodriguez, Ricoh & Jeffrey Smith, IBM
  • Audience Wrangler: (tbd)
  • Cue Cards:
    Aishwarya Yalamarty, Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Video Director: John Morris, Texas Tech
  • Videographer: Madiha Ahmed, Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Videographer: Johan Hendrikse, Jr., Texas Tech
  • Videographer: Nancy Larson, 3M
  • Videographer: Nash Stanton, Univ. of Idaho
  • Video PostProduction: (tbd)
  • Production Assistant: Kelly Cain, Georgia Tech
  • Production Assistant: Andre Garcia, George Mason University
  • Production Assistant: Cory Smarr, Georgia Tech
  • Production Assistant: John Terceman, CSU Northridge
  • Pre-Show Assistance: Deborah Boehm-Davis, George Mason University
  • Pre-Show Assistance: Patricia DeLucia, Texas Tech
  • Pre-Show Assistance: Marv Dainoff, Liberty Mutual
  • Pre-Show Assistance: Jeff Caird, Univ. of Calgary
  • Logistics Support: Lynn Strother, HFES
  • Logistics Support: Lois Smith, HFES
  • Logistics Support: Laurie Ybarra, Prestige Accomodations
  • Logistics Support: Steve Marlin, Prestige Accomodations
Cameras supplied by Jeff Kelley, John Morris, Nancy Larson, Roger Lew, Nash Stanton & Madhia Ahmed
Pre-Publicity Flyer (pdf)
HF/E Theme, composed by Jeff Kelley
sheet music